About the Retail Engineer

Meet Joshua Astor, a retail technology innovator with over two decades of retail and tech mastery and their finger on the pulse of the future. Their expertise spans high-service training, omnichannel tech integration, and change management.

Joshua has spearheaded impactful strategies such as orchestrating nationwide operations through remote leadership and driving exponential growth with savvy tech implementation. Their prowess in P&L analysis and trend forecasting has contributed significantly to the profitability of enterprises of all sizes.

A trailblazer in retail tech, Joshua has navigated diverse roles, from Design Director to Regional Trainer, and worked with renowned brands like Apple and LUSH Cosmetics. Their agile project management and knack for implementing cutting-edge technologies have set new industry standards.

This retail luminary has a history of crafting success stories, from optimizing workforce management to pioneering omnichannel training at Fortune 500 brands. 

Joshua has orchestrated seamless openings of new locations, championed staff training, and revolutionized technology adaptation. 

They’re not just an expert; they’re a visionary engineering the future of retail, setting benchmarks in leadership, tech integration, and customer-centric strategies.

Here are a few of the brands that have been impacted by the Retail Engineer's magic:

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